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Corey Taylor Is Keen For Intimate “Throwback” Slipknot Shows Post-Coronavirus

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has responded to questions about how music gigs will look in the future by saying he’d be keen to do some smaller, intimate gigs.

The music touring industry has been brought to its knees by the coronavirus, and when bands are allowed to play gigs again, it’s likely there will be restrictions on crowd sizes.

So while we might not see bands like Slipknot perform big shows for a while, Corey Taylor thinks it might be a good chance to do some “throwback” shows in smaller venues.

Speaking with Rock Feed via Metal Injection, Taylor said that when America opens back up for live entertainment, it’ll have to begin “with a soft opening.

“That’s basically what they’re going to do with this industry. There’s going to be a soft opening. There are going to be handful of acts,” Taylor says.

“They are going to be the litmus test to see what the world is ready for. It will probably be in smaller venues.”

That may present an opportunity for Slipknot to relive the old days. “We’ve actually talked about doing something like that for years, and doing a throwback show,” he says.

“And doing a throwback show in a way where we wear the old gear as well. It would be insane.”

Despite his enthusiasm, Taylor, who also fronts Stone Sour, admits that it will be difficult to convince punters to pack into sweaty venues, no matter the size of the crowd.

“Because people will be fucking scared, man,” he continues. “There’s going to be a sense of paranoia for a while, even after there is a medicine developed, or a vaccine.”

“People are going to realize that they take for granted that they haven’t been to a live show in a long time. They’re going to want to be in the experience. I think there will be a real renaissance of live entertainment.”

Watch the full interview here.

Slipknot released their new tour documentary Slipknot Unmasked: All Our Life earlier this week.

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