Corey Taylor To Linkin Park: “Be Fortunate For What You Have”

Corey Taylor is a man of many opinions, and he’s just shared one of them about Linkin Park.

The nu-metal graduates recently made some very controversial comments in response to some of their old school fans’ reactions to their — uh — bold new sound, with frontman Chester Bennington saying they should “move the fuck on” from LP’s seminal album Hybrid Theory, and adding that those who’ve accused LP of selling out should “stab themselves in the face”.

Now, the Slipknot frontman (who’s actually a fan of the Linkin Park’s new material FYI) has shared his thoughts on Chester’s rant, saying that Linkin Park should feel “very fortunate” for fans who still dig their earlier work.

“You can get frustrated, and you want people to embrace the evolution,” the maggot master tells radio show Shmonty In The Morning (via Alt Press). “But at the same time, man, you should probably be very fortunate that people, this long along the line, still love that music you made.

“Be fortunate for what you have,” he continues. “Be fortunate for the fact that people are coming to see you, to hear the music. You have to give it a little time.

“In retrospect, maybe two or three years from now you put out an album and it makes them appreciate this one more.”

CT also reckons that Hybrid Theory is “A great fusion rock album. It’s got pop elements to it, the songs are great… [having fans who think it’s better than their new stuff] a good problem to have. I understand his frustration but at same time it’s like, ‘why would you get mad at your left foot because your right foot is doing pretty good?’

“You have to pick your spots, dude, and this is coming from the guy who’s notorious for running his mouth. This is me being completely honest. I totally get it, but yeah…”

Linkin Park’s divisive new album One More Light drops this Friday, 19th May.

While Corey Taylor’s other band Stone Sour have a new LP Hydrograd out on June 30th (which you can bet will be a damn side heavier than Linkin Park’s) and they’ve announced an Australian tour to celebrate.

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