Corey Taylor Has Ranked All The ‘Doctor Who’ Doctors From Worst To Best

Corey Taylor is a lot of things. Heavy metal frontman, mask wearer, book writer, giant-slapper and unapologetic truth-spitter.

But few people know that the Slipknot frontman is also a fully-fledged Whovian.

No kidding, the maggot master has a huge fanboy boner for the flagship BBC series Doctor Who, having recently leant his voice to an episode of the show’s current season..

Look, here’s a picture of him on the set even:

“I push my fingers into my eyes… It’s the only thing that slowly reverses the polarity of the neutron flow.”

And now, Taylor has cemented his status as a formidable authority on TARDIS-surfing Time Lords by definitively ranking the twelve official doctors (plus the other one), from worst to best, in a new interview with Classic Rock Magazine.

“Are we just talking TV series or do you want to delve into the serials or Peter Cushing and the two movies?” he asked enthusiastically before firing into his list. “Because I can talk Doctor Who all goddam day.”

“That first Cushing movie, Doctor Who And The Daleks [1965], is a lot of fun. Peter Cushing was one of my favourite British actors and I think he played the role to the bone. If there was ever a person who I could’ve seen taking over from William Hartnell, besides Patrick Troughton, it was Cushing. But he made the left turn and kept doing the Horror movies.”

Impressed by Taylor’s Whovian cred yet?

Check out the Slipknot frontman’s definitive ranking of the Doctors in the gallery below. Allons-y!

Gallery: Corey Taylor Ranks The Doctors From ‘Doctor Who’

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