Hear The First Single By Coriky, The New Band From Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally (Fugazi) And Amy Farina (The Evens)

Members of legendary punk band Fugazi and excellent indie duo The Evens are coming together for a new band called Coriky.

The band is comprised of Joe Lally (Fugazi), Amy Farina (Evens), and Ian MacKaye, of both bands. All three will share singing responsibilities, and their self-titled debut full-length is scheduled for release on March 27th through MacKaye’s own Dischord label.

To coincide with the announcement, they’ve shared the first single. It’s titled ‘Clean Kill’ and it’s a total doozy, bringing some of the best musical elements from both Fugazi and The Evens together. The vocal harmonies in particular are really something, with the trio singing “It’s a clean kill, but it’s not clean,” in unison during the song’s chorus.

The trio previewed the release with its lead track, “Clean Kill,” a deceptively warm-sounding song about political corruption. “It’s a clean kill, but it’s not clean,” the band members sing in unison on the chorus.

It’s a pretty exciting collaboration, particularly considering Fugazi have been on hiatus for almost two decades at this point. MacKaye and Farina formed The Evens back in 2001, their most recent album being 2012’s The Odds.

Listen to ‘Clean Kill’ below.

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