Could Soundgarden And Pearl Jam Be Planning A Joint Tour?

Well, that’s the big hope of the guys down at Radar Music, who are speculating that the mother of all grunge tours could become a reality early next year.

Both bands are on the verge of releasing new material – Soundgarden’s comeback album King Animal is out in November, and Pearl Jam are reportedly “halfway through” making their new record.

The one matching link in all this is drummer Matt Cameron, who sits behind the kit for both bands. He’s reportedly stated on multiple occasions that he “is not leaving Pearl Jam and that he is committed to Soundgarden”.

If this all does come true, then damn, Cameron is going to get quite a workout on stage. Until then, here is the Radar Music crew’s thoughts:

“When you start your first band and it has an impact on the rest of the world you go through a lot with those guys and you become very protective of that legacy.” – Chris Cornell.

That was a quote from a 2008 interview with Chris Cornell from the guardian. Fast track four years later and the music world are waiting with bated breath for the inmate release of their 6th studio album, King Animal. Well, intimate is an interesting word. Fans have been speculating about its intimate release since its ‘announcement’ back in 2010. So why the wait? What could be so epic that would trump pushing the album out a year ago right around the massive hype of the bands reformation? The reason involves Soundgarden’s drummer Matt Cameron, whom is also a member of another icon band from Seattle, Pearl Jam. Matt has confirmed on multiple occasions that he is not leaving Pearl Jam, and that he is committed to Soundgarden. So if he is staying on with both bands, it could only mean one thing; a Soundgarden and Pearl Jam world tour.

However, we were still missing a key ingredient, a new Pearl Jam album.There last album was backspacer, in 2009, and the tour could only take place if a new album was on the cards. Cue, Pearl Jam’s guitarist Jeff Ament confirming this month that they are halfway through and on track for an early 2013 release.

Then it all made sense. Soundgarden, weren’t just fine-tuning King Animal, they were waiting on their brother band Pearl Jam to finish things up. It’s a domino’s effect. Soundgarden, release their album, fans go ballistic, rock and roll reigns again. A few months later, Pearl Jam’s new album comes out, riding the sediment of the return of ‘Grunge’. And while at the height, the tour WILL be announced, for mid-2013. I’m already propping inquiring with my internet provider to get me the fastest connection possible, because when tickets go on sale, it will be mayhem!

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