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Courtney Barnett, The Jezabels & More Speak Out About Sexual Assault At Gigs In #ItTakesOne Video

Melbourne indie rock trio Camp Cope have called upon their fellow music making friends to compile a video that stands up against sexual assault and violence occurring at live music events.

The video acknowledges that sexual and physical assault at gigs is an increasing problem, and that now is the time to take a stand. After discussing this issue with other bands and industry peeps, they decided to join forces and compile a short video that confronts offenders head on, and encourages witnesses of an assault to stand up and speak out.

Joining Camp Cope to make the compilation include Courtney BarnettThe Jezabels, Luca Brasi & Dom Alessio, as well as Totally Unicorn, Frenzal Rhomb, The Hard Aches, The Bennies, Clowns and heaps more.

The band came up with the hashtag #ittakesone to represent that every person attending a live music event is important, and every single person there can make a big difference.

Camp Cope said of the video in a statement, “Live music was created as a safe space for music fans and artists alike… as an artist you feel personally responsible if someone is assaulted at your show… It takes ONE person to fuck a show up for everyone, and likewise it takes ONE person to call out this behaviour and initiate change. It’s up to everyone – the artist, the audience, the venue – to look out for each other and stand up when they see or hear of someone trying to fuck the show up for everyone.”

The video has a strong male presence, with contributions from many all-male bands with mostly male audiences. This was intentional, Camp Cope explain, because although it is important for women to speak out, they are almost always the victims of these assaults. So, it is ultimately the responsibility of men to initiate change.

“It’s important for men to speak out against other men’s behaviour, and to be positive role models for each other.”

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