Courtney Love Nixes Hole Reunion, Shuns “Oldies Circuit”

Courtney Love now says she has no intention of reforming the mid-’90s era lineup of her band HoleEric Erlandson, Patty Schemel, and Melissa Auf Der Maur — despite previous comments hinting at a reunion. Love also implied that reuniting the band’s former lineup would be “selling out.”

“I don’t want to get on the oldies circuit. I don’t need to do that for money,” the frontwoman told Philippine news outlet “I want to put out music that is relevant today. [Being] one of the last chicks in a rock ‘n’ roll band is a weird place to be. It’s scary not to be selling out.”

Love said that she would instead be focusing on writing her memoir, recording solo music, and her recently announced role on the final season of Sons of Anarchy. Love also has a series of upcoming Australian tour dates next month to celebrate her latest single, You Know My Name.

Rumours about a Hole reunion first formed after Love posted a photo of herself with founding band member and lead guitarist Eric Erlandson captioned, “2014 going to be a very interesting year.” She soon revealed that she and the original lineup of the band had been rehearsing together.

However, the comments apparently perturbed some band members, with Love later insisting that no reunion was in the works. “We may have made out but there is no talk of marriage,” she told the Telegraph. “It’s very frail, nothing might happen, and now the band are all flipping out with me.”

Watch: Courtney Love – You Know My Name

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