Craig Finn Making Solo Album

That Craig Finn has not gotten round to putting together a solo album before now is a minor mystery, but it seems the Hold Steady front man is now ready to release a record he can call his own.

Pitchfork reports that the 39-year-old played a small show in Minneapolis recently where he strummed through a number of sedate acoustic tunes of his own. Now, a new Tumblr website has emerged that Finn has titled Do What You Feel, where he posted a message that read, “I’m in Austin TX for a few weeks. Making a record. Staying in a friend’s guest house. Got here yesterday. So far so good. I’ll be tracking the progress here.”

Finn has also just set up a Twitter account for the first time.

The Hold Steady, meanwhile, are about to head out on the road in America through August and September. A look at one of Finn’s solo songs can be had below:



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