Craig Owens Checks Into Rehab

One of the poster boys of the alternative music scene, Craig Owens has today aired the reason why the vocalist vanished into thin air earlier this month. The reason his usually overly active social networks fell silent was that Owens had checked himself into rehab.

This came not too long after Chiodos announced that they would be welcoming the previously ejected member back into the folds. Owens was kicked out of Chiodos a number of years ago in what was generally seen as a turbulent split. Though many reasons were thrown around, it was widely believed that Owens got the boot after he persisted with his solo career, much to the frustration of his bandmates.

Following the withering success of his solo album, Owens soon partnered up with ex-Chiodos, ex-From First to Last and The Sound of Animals Fighting members to form the post-hardcore supergroup D.R.U.G.S – now the rehab doesn’t seem like such a surprise (I KNOW that’s not what the name means, I was making a joke). However, given the proximity to his admission to rehab and his acceptance back into Chiodos, it raises the question that maybe substance abuse led to his departure initially.

His Twitter is now pumping once more as is his fan page. Shows have been locked in with him once again fronting Chiodos, and by all accounts, everyone in the camp seems happy with the arrangement.

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