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Cuban Music Icon Juana Bacallao Dies At 98

Cuban singer and cabaret star Juana Bacallao died at the age of 98 on February 24th in Havana, Cuba after being in the hospital, according to a statement from Cuba’s Ministry of Culture. However, there are no reasons stated about the singer’s death, and it is yet to be revealed.

Juana Bacallao was known for her deep voice and flashy performances. She spent many years singing at the famous Tropicana club with stars like Nat King Cole.

Juana Bacallao- “I’ll never stop performing. I’ll only quit when I die,”

Juana Bacallao, originally named Neri Amelia Martínez Salazar, started her journey to fame as a teenager. Orphaned at six, she was found singing while cleaning houses. Her unique style and personality led her to be called “Juana Bacallao,” and she became very famous in Cuba’s lively cabaret scene.

During her career, Juana Bacallao amazed audiences with her bold charm, wearing wigs and colourful costumes. She also performed with famous artists such as Bola de Nieve, Chano Pozo, and Benny Moré, making a big impact on Cuban music and culture.

In a 2010 interview with The Associated Press, Bacallao gave a statement, “I’ll never stop performing. I’ll only quit when I die,” showing her strong love for performing music. Despite facing both poverty and wealth, she always stayed close to her home country, Cuba.

Juana Bacallao’s death marks the end of an era in Cuban music, leaving behind a legacy of passion, talent, and strength. Bacallao’s music and contributions to the Cuban culture will be remembered for generations.

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