Cut Copy Are “Three Quarters” Of The Way Into Making Their New Album

Cut Copy have only just released an ambient record January Tape signalling a bit of a direction shift for them but it sounds like it won’t be too long before we have another full-length Cut Copy record.

The Melbourne group have been working on the follow-up to 2013’s Free Your Mind and frontman Dan Whitford has told Fact Mag that they’re “three quarters of the way into it”.

The group live in different places now making it much harder to come together and formulate ideas like they used to but they’ve been “sending stuff around”.

Now, they just need to get together and record it.

“It’s a matter of doing the final big recording session and see what comes out at the other end of that,” Whitford said, which suggest it could still be some time before we have it in its finished form.

So far, the record has “its own flavour” with the band making a conscious effort to change their sound up slightly with every release.

“Each time is a new project, we make a really conscious effort to find a new angle or something that we haven’t tried before and turn that into a mantra for working on the new project,” he said.

As for the big break in between records, Whitford basically said that life has got in the way. They have moved country and drummer Mitchell Scott has had a couple of children.

We don’t have a ballpark date for when to expect the album just yet but you can dig into their ambient project below.

Listen: Cut Copy – ‘January Tape’

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