Daily Telegraph Accused Of Racist Comment In Kanye West Article

Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph has been accused of using a comment that could be seen as racist in their social/gossip column Sydney Confidential.

The offending article writes about Kanye West, who has been sampling our fashion range at various stores in the Sydney CBD in the lead-up to his show at the Big Day Out tomorrow at Sydney’s Showgrounds.

While the write-up itself is not negative towards West at all, the comment at the start of the article, “While his contemporaries tend to head out for a fried chicken feed, Big Day Out headliner Kanye West made a beeline for Sydney’s fashion hub within hours of landing.” has been seen to be taken in a bad light.

Although the racist stereotype is not used much in Australia, in the US associating fried chicken with people of African decent could be seen as a form of casual racism, referring to their higher populace in Southern US states and the popularity of the food in that area.

It’s unknown whether the line was in bad taste, a cultural mix up, or maybe they really were going out for some lunch?

Thanks to Pedestrian.TV

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