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Watch Daniel Johns Mime Punching a Shark in Long-Lost ‘TNSW Tonight!’ Interview

A previously lost interview between Daniel Johns and punk comedians These New South Whales has finally surfaced, with the video being released last night on the band’s YouTube channel. Last week, Johns announced on Instagram that the exclusive interview on TNSW Tonight! – which was filmed back in 2020 – would finally be seen by the public,.

“After this interview, I recall rating the appearance as equal to anything I ever did on Leno, Letterman or Conan…despite the fact that the production value was well below my expectations,” Johns wrote. “Somehow a couple of years later, they’ve apparently recovered the tape and will be sharing the long lost interview as somewhat of a Christmas Special.”

Daniel Johns on TNSW Tonight!

Well, it has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint. In the course of the chat, Johns – dressed in boardshorts with a shark-tooth necklace, puffing occasionally on a Juul – and host Jamie Timony discuss surfing, Mick Fanning’s “small” house, surf music, Hawaii, Fender amps, more surfing, and more.

At one point, Johns demonstrates how he punched a shark in the ocean, giving detailed descriptions using a boogie board in the studio. Approximately two minutes of the 10-minute interview are taken up by Timony telling a story involving custard tarts.

Following the interview, Johns performed a track called ‘Sex on the Beach’. You can watch it all unfold above.

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