Dave Chappelle Tackles Kanye And Lil Wayne In Chicago Comeback Show

Dave Chappelle is back, bitch, although there wasn’t a hint of Rick James to be seen in his comeback show at Chicago’s First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre last Saturday, with the entire audio recording of the show now available online for your listening pleasure (below).

Chapelle was still reeling from his previous show in Hartford, Connecticut, where he was heckled ’til he walked out, unleashing the ominous, “If North Korea drops a bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands on Hartford, Connecticut.” But he also had some piss funny things to say about everyone’s favourite rapper, Lil’ Wayne:

“There’s one song where he says, ‘I got a bitch that played in movies in my jacuzzi.’ And then he says… ‘Pussy juicy.’ I close my eyes when I listen to that and picture it in my head. I see Lil Wayne sitting in the hot tub.

“And that’s when he and I are different. If I could tell the pussy was in the hot tub, I’d probably get out. But Lil Wayne is sitting there like (laughs), ‘What is this strange oil floating on top of my hot tub water? I think this is pussy juice.’

“He’s like an expert, he walks on the set of CSI and says, ‘Has anyone else been in this crime area?’ ‘No, uh huh.’ ‘What is this? This stuff on the ground…it’s pussy juice.’

No-one’s really safe with Chappelle around, with Kanye West and Jay-Z also being called into question, with Chappelle recounting the first time Yeezy was on television:

“The first time Kanye West was on television was on the ‘Chappelle’s Show’. It was the week that ‘The Black Album’ came out. I’ll never forget. We were all sitting in the trailer listening to ‘The Black Album’, and Jay-Z says on the record, “Kanyeezy, you’s a genius. You did it again,” and Kanye stopped the tape and pressed rewind.

“He had that energy. You knew he was gonna be somebody. And then they did the show, him and Common did it. And you remember that song The Food? ‘You love to hear the story, again and again. About those two brothers from the City of Wind.

“The crowd, ‘EGHHHHHHHEEE.’ Motherfuckers go nuts. I said, ‘Hey Kanye, look, we’re going back to the studio. We got to edit some sketches, but if you want, you can come with us and check out some of the stuff we’re working on.’ He says, ‘Oh, that’d be great!’

“He comes to the studio we’re all sitting and there watching all these crazy sketches. Nobody had seen any of this shit before. It was Rick James, all that shit. All on there. It’s on footage, we was all cracking up and then in the middle of it all, Kanye’s phone rings. This is when I knew he was gonna be famous.

“He answers the phone, he goes, ‘Hello. Huh? What? Uh, uh, I can’t. I can’t. Cause, I’m at Dave Chappelle’s show watching sketches that nobody’s ever seen before.’

“And then he says, ‘Cause my life is dope, and I do dope shit,’ and then he hung up the phone.”

Listen: Dave Chappelle – Live Stand-Up Show Oddball Funny Or Die Chicago (8/31/13)


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