Dave Grohl And Courtney Love Have Bonded Over Strippers, Tequila And A $10K Bet

Former rivals Courtney Love and Dave Grohl have continued to mend the fences in true rock ‘n roll fashion. Page Six reports that the two wagered 10 grand over who could get more strippers at famed New York skin-bar Scores, while the Foo Fighters are in town for a weeklong residency on Letterman.

The attract-a-stripper contest was apparently hatched while Grohl and Love shared tequila shots – as all good plans are – at the McKittrick Hotel, earlier this week, while attending New Jersey photographer Danny Clinch’s party for his new book Still Moving.

However, the plan never eventuated with Love calling it a night, leaving Grohl to attend Scores with some other buds. Although the bet didn’t take place Love tweeted a pic (above) of her and the Foo Fighters’ frontman, looking fairly pissed, informing Grohl that the wager was indeed still on.

“the bet is still on @davegrohl we’ll do the wager out west and I swear I’ll win!” tweeted Love.

Sources say that Grohl lived it up at Scores, dropping US$10,000, regardless of the bet, on champagne and private dances much to the delight of the establishment. “Dave was a real gentleman and very generous,” a source told Page Six. “The dancers loved him, he was a really good tipper … If he and Courtney had a competition over strippers, he would have definitely won.”

“Courtney and Dave were nose-to-nose at the table in the back, laughing, crying and hugging. It’s nice to see those two burying the hatchet for real,” a witness told Page Six.

Who would actually win this bet is debatable. Grohl’s rep is being the nicest guy in rock but Love has an advantage in being a former stripper, reportedly overheard boasting to Ol’ Davey Boy that “I’m everyone’s favourite famous ex-stripper!”. Touché.

Love and Grohl famously reconciled with an onstage hug at last year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony, honouring Nirvana. Even still other Clinch party-goers, such as R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe, also photographed with Love, were surprised to see the once bitter foes budding up so closely.

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