Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players To Play Sydney

Dave Grohl has confirmed that Sound City Players will be making the trip to Australia for special performance in Sydney. Although no official date has been released, Grohl confirmed the Sydney show while speaking with culture website Nerdist in a podcast:

“We’re doing gigs where we’re going out with the people from the Sound City movie and doing shows… We’re doing an LA show, we’re doing a New York show, we’re doing a London show, we’re doing a Berlin show, we’re doing a Sydney show, we want to do South by South West with all these musicians.”

Sound City Players are a supergroup assembled from Grohl’s recently released doco Sound City. Late last month, Grohl hinted at the possibility of Sound City Players coming to Australia – now it’s just a question of when the dates will be announced and when the tickets go on sale.

The band is made up of members from the Foo Fighters, former members of Nirvana and numerous rock and roll living legends such as Rick Springfield, John Fogerty and Stevie Nicks, plus many more. Hopefully Grohl can coax the entirety of this impressive line-up to make the voyage to Australia.

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