Dave Mustaine And Jason Newsted Will Play Metallica Songs On Upcoming Gigantour

Metallica dropouts Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted have revealed that they will be reliving their days as members of the metal juggernaut during their upcoming Gigantour. Announcing the news, Mustaine – who, of course, fronts Megadeth – thrilled fans with the details that it’s up to punters to decide which particular song the pair will perform.

Mustaine, who was given the flick back from Metallica in 1983, tweeted to his adoring fanbase, stating, “If I play a song I wrote in Metallica w/ Jason Newsted, which should it be?” before rolling off the tracks he composed while still in the loving arms of the band: Ride The Lightning, Metal Militia, Phantom Lord, Jump In The Fire, Khutulu, and Four Horsemen. So they might not be the best ‘Tallica tracks, but the sentiment is still felt.

Newsted tapped out of the band back in 2001, and now fronts his own eponymous outfit. In a recent interview with SkullNBones, he seemed pretty stoked on the opportunity, commenting on the collaboration, “There is a chance that Mustaine and I will bust out some old Metallica that he was a part of,” said Newsted. “I’m willing to throw down Phantom Lord. Actually, whatever he calls out, I’m gonna throw down.”

Both of the musicians have had their fair share of beef with their former colleagues but they seem to be on amicable terms at this point in time. Which will make their rendition a hellova lot less awkward.

Gigantour kicks off early August in New Hampshire before wrapping things up at the end of the month on Toronto.

(Via Noise Creep)

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