DAYA Releases New Single ‘Don’t Call’

Grammy-winning artist, DAYA released her new single titled ‘Don’t Fall’ on Friday, 28th June. The track is an emotional pop ballad that allows the young superstar to experiment with the various genres of electronic production elements.

The song ‘Don’t Call’ is about trying to get over someone you love. The lyrics of the song are quite relatable and her soulful and ethereal voice does total justice to the melody. The instrumental elements are also nicely adjusted in the song. The song begins with soft and natural chords and moves into a light drum and bass at the peak of most parts of the track.

DAYA- Don’t Call

DAYA says the following about her track “‘Don’t Call’ has had this magical pull ever since we created it and I’m so excited for it to be out. It feels like a song I’ve always wanted to put into the world and a big emotional release for me; I hope people will feel that in the music.”

DAYA was born and brought up in Pittsburgh and loved music since her childhood. She basically grew up on stage since she was a child, and over time she has evolved into someone who creates amazing melodies that will take the listeners to another world. 

She received her Grammy before even turning 20. She was awarded with this award due to her self-penned song titled “Hide Away” which became a global smash. Her collaboration with ‘The Chainsmokers’ to create the song “ Don’t Let Me Down” also got her immense fame and people started acknowledging her talent and her melodious voice. 

Listen Don’t Call today here

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