Deadmau5: ‘I Feel Like My Body Is Shutting Down’

Electro Hero, Deadmau5’s running streak seems like it has come to an end. After having an unforgettable few years, it seems that he has become quite ill, posting on his Facebook:

okay, well, after some general tests and crap, CT’s MRI’s apparently “nothing is wrong with me” at a glance. I feel like my body is shutting down on me, doesn’t quite feel like a flu or cold, but WHAT THE FUCK man? im exercising now, eating decent, cut back huge on the cokes, smoothies and water… somethings fucking WRONG and it’s driving me fucking MENTAL. going to get bloodwork done on monday”.

I’m not entirely sure cutting back on water will assist any illness, however it seems as if he is doing his best to combat this sickness to ensure that he will be able to complete his scheduled dates across Europe starting in June. These dates include festivals such as Evolution and Rockness in the UK, Rock Werchter in Belgium and Rock In Rio in Spain. He recently took to the internet to describe his annoyance at America’s Ultra Music Festival claiming:

“Ultra to me is the definition of insanity: Doing the same f*cking thing every year, expecting different results every time. It’s fun and it’s cool, and if you’ve never been, go. But if you are one of those dudes that go every year, it’s like why would you go again?”.

Ultra is known for having the same headliners for 6 years running (Tiesto)

Joel Zimmerman is currently working on a follow-up to his 2010 album ‘4×4=12’ in his refurbished apartment, with inbuilt studio. Hoping that this mysterious sickness vanishes soon, the album is due out sometime within the next year.

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