Deadmau5 Launches ‘Deadmau5 Live’ Fan Space

Following an explosive Twitter rant, in which Joel Zimmerman, better known to fans as the man in the mouse helmet, Deadmau5, rallied against high ticket prices, the artist has once again shown his commitment to his fans with the promised launch of his online fan hub, titled Deadmau5 Live.

Zimmerman announced plans for the online fan space in November, suggesting it could be “a camp we can all enjoy with no spam. no phony accounts. no bullshit. no annoying kids. no nothing. just unadulterated music and live streams and access to pretty much everything i have on the go.”

Zimmerman, who has a notoriously active presence across multiple social media platforms, had previously expressed frustration with the cumbersome aspects of simultaneously running Tumblr, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook accounts, telling Dancing Astronaut:

“I imagined all the services I have used previously, why I used them, and why I needed to use 3 different services to express myself in various ways…and then after I figured that out, I had to ask myself why I needed to use so many different platforms?”

Signing up for a free account gives users the ability to “sign-in, listen to 30-second clips, read all of the latest deadmau5 and Meowingtons news, view photos, and even experience live streams,” while a paid subscription priced at $4.99 a month or $44.99 annually comes with exclusive benefits.

Fans with Christmas money to spare, who sign up for a subscription, will be granted access to Deadmau5-led tutorials, exclusive live streams from events and concerts, full song previews, music downloads, the ability to post on the site forum, and the ability to take part in the live streams.

More than just a space for fans to stay up-to-date with their favourite EDM maestro, the man himself sees it as a stepping stone towards the future: “My long term and ‘out there’ dream of this site / application would be to kinda transform and create my own music distribution model, making what would be an independent artist, truly, independent of other unified and non unified systems.”

(Via Do Androids Dance)

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