Deadmau5 punched at Creamfields Afterparty by local DJ

Deadmau5 has ended his Australian tour in a very Australian way by getting in a punch up with a local Brisbane DJ after criticising the choice of music being played. It seems Deadmau5 was not happy with the opening DJ’s song choice at the afterparty for the Creamfields festival.

Early in the night he tweeted:

Thank god for creamfeilds tonight, coz the music at the afterrparty is fucking god awful.


well the opening “dj” at the club decided to have a go at me. So fuck him and fuck that club. I left.

Followed with this:

birdee nightclub in Brisbane… opening DJ came at me later in the night and decided to punch me in the back of the head. #mistake

We are yet to find out who the local DJ was, or what his side of the story is, but it looks as though Queensland DJ Sampology has the scoop. Sampology, who is supposedly mates with the local DJ, tweeted:

“Just found out a DJ mate of mine punched Deadmouse in the head at the Creamfields afterparty in Briz,”


“apparently my mate was DJing and DM was harassing him for his tune selection and got up in his space so he dropped him.”

After that he tweeted the name DJ LL COOL JAMES suggesting this was the DJ who punched Deadmau5.

5 hours later DJ Sampology Tweeted:

as posted earlier I wasn’t there so don’t know the full story. Im totally not down with violence for the record.

Not even against Deadmau5.

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