Deadmau5 Trolls Avicii & Martin Garrix Onstage At Ultra Music Festival

Canadian producer Deadmau5 took the stage to replace Avicii for Saturday’s closing set at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and, true to form, the progressive-house DJ approached his set with a little bit of trademark humour, poking fun at fellow producers Martin Garrix and his hospitalised colleague Avicii.

The fun began when Deadmau5 took to Twitter before his set to let his fans know exactly how he felt about 17-year-old Garrix’s debut. “Lemme know if Garrix plays Animals… and the set contains at LEAST 1 countdown from 10. Thanks,” he wrote to his followers about the breakthrough Dutch DJ and his hit track.

Deadmau5 then incited a even more intrigue, giving fans a little insight into his preparation for the impeding set. “I don’t even know what to play. I’ll figure it out I guess,” he wrote. Adding, “I seriously don’t have Levels on here, otherwise I would.”

“Throwing some random bullshit together for the set… holy shit I’m such a dick, this is gunna be awesome,” he concluded, adding “I’m an evil genius”, before hitting the stage for an epic, last-minute set. The tongue-in-cheek moments of the performance came when Deadmau5 mashed-up Garrix’s anthem Animals with Old MacDonald Had A Farm.

Right after this, Mau5 played a mash-up of his own track Ghost N Stuff and one of Avicii’s signature anthems Levels. While his intentions in doing so were not entirely clear, fellow EDM heavyweight Tiesto questioned whether the tribute track was intended as a slight to Avicii, who is recovering in hospital with gall bladder issues.

“Oh wait,was @deadmau5 being sarcastic when he played @Avicii ? That’s pretty sad taking the piss of someone who’s in the hospital,” tweeted Tiesto. “How does one play a track sarcastically?,” replied the sardonic Deadmau5. “Am I supposed to sneer while hitting the sync button? Or is that ironic?”

Check out the Garrix mash-up video below.

Watch: Deadmau5 Trolls at Ultra 2014 with Martin Garrix’s Animals

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