Deerhoof Announce Australian Tour, March 2013

Deerhoof are returning to Australia for a headlining tour during March 2013. The 90’s American indie outfit already visited Australia as recently as January of this year, but since that time Deerhoof have released a new LP by the name of Breakup Song.

Don’t be fooled by the above image that makes it look as though Deerhoof are an inoffensive children’s band. The San Fran four-piece provide experimental tunes that will force you to pay attention or else risk being lost in a cloud of confusing fuzz.

As do all good noise acts, Deerhoof messes with your melodic expectations and leads you down a rock and rolling road of unpredictable, hard-to-handle twists and turns. Breakup Song is the twelfth self-produced album from Deerhoof and is described in the press release as, “a sensational slice of Cuban-flavored party-noise energy music.” Wowzers!

Deerhoof – Australian Tour Dates

Friday, 1st March

The Zoo – Brisbane

Saturday, 2nd March

The Annandale, Sydney

Sunday, 3rd March

Schoolhouse Studios, Melbourne

Wednesday, 6th March

Adelaide Festival, Adelaide

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