Derrick Green Chats His Favourite Sepultura Album In New Podcast From Top Aussie Metal Videographer

Thanks to the fuckery of COVID-19, the entire ecosystem of professionals who make the music world turn abruptly found themselves with little or no work for months on end during this year’s pandemic shutdown, and so were forced to do what they do best; create.

That’s the story behind Life Is Peachy, a new podcast series from Brisbane-bred, currently Netherlands-based music videographer David Blackley, founder of Her Name Is Murder Productions.

Born out of Blackey’s passion for storytelling during a year that saw so many stories sent to the backburner, the nostalgia-fuelled podcast sees the film guru take a deep dive into some of his favourite heavy albums, chatting one-on-one with the artists who created them.

“So many albums have played an essential part in my personal and creative growth and are vital in keeping me grounded and connected to my past, present and future,” says Blackley, who during non-COVID times spends the majority of his life either on set, on tour, or in the studio creating documentaries for artists and fans.

“Music can give you so much and some albums can feel like a friend; they understand you like no other.”

The series mixes storytelling with conventional Q&A, and sees Blackley and his guests reminisce on their adventures working together, while discussing the impact of these key albums, both on the host as a fan, and on the band itself.

The maiden episode of Life Is Peachy features singer Derrick Green of Sepultura, who Blackley toured with in 2015 to film their 30th anniversary documentary, and sees the pair pick apart 1998’s Against LP.

You can stream the ep via iTunes, Spotify or Google Play right here.

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