Image: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Diana Ross Will Play The Iconic Legends Slot At Glastonbury 2020

It feels like Glastonbury 2019 just ended, but the people behind the legendary British festival are already back at it with next year’s lineup, and we now know the first artist to grace it – a small, underground singer known as Diana Ross. No biggie.

Just kidding, this is most certainly a biggie. A category 5 biggie. Diana Ross, music icon whose voice and discography transcend time and genre, will be gracing the coveted Legends slot on the Pyramid stage at next year’s festival.

Of course, this year’s legends slot was taken by our very own Kylie Minogue who made her long-awaited debut at the festival and absolutely tore the house down.

Minogue’s set was also the most-streamed performance in Glastonbury’s history, with 3.2 million people tuning in from home to watch her take the stage.

Ross announced her upcoming performance, saying “to all my fans across the world, this is my tribute to you.”

“Every concert feels like a private party, I can see your eyes and feel your hearts,” she said.

“I’m coming to Glastonbury, with love.”

We are bloody KEEN.

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