Did An Unreleased Daft Punk Song Just Leak Online?

Yes, there have been more ‘leaked’ Daft Punk tracks than you could poke a stick at over the years. Although the vast majority turn out to be fakes, this latest ‘unreleased track’ is either dead-set real or one of the best tributes to Daft Punk’s signature style ever.

First reported by The French Shuffle, this new ‘unreleased’ Daft Punk track called Feel Good supposedly features Nile Rodgers on riff-making duties and British R&B singer-songwriter Lemar on vocals.

It’s rumored to have been produced around the time that Daft Punk’s latest album Random Access Memories was released, and it would have undoubtedly fit right in on that record.

Although there’s no way to tell for certain if it’s legit, and none of the artists supposedly involved have commented on the matter, it’s hard to argue against that guitar riff being Nile Rodgers-esque, or that the gorgeous falsetto doesn’t have Lemar’s quite distinctive vocal quality.

Daft Punk’s most recently released tracks came care of some collaborations on The Weeknd’s latest album Starboy, which was released just last month.

Check out the supposed leak of Feel Good below, and judge for yourself while you boogie.

Listen: Daft Punk – ‘Feel Good’ (Ft. Lemar & Nile Rodgers) [Unconfirmed Leak]

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