Die Antwoord Announce New Album ‘Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid’, Drop First Single ‘Banana Brain’

Die Antwoord have announced that their fourth album Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid is coming on 16th September and have delivered the first single Banana Brain as a taste.

The new album by the wacky South African duo comes just months after the release of their first mixtape Suck On This which was always intended to be a prelude to the album.

The 16-track record features a number of guests including actor and Tenascious D frontman Jack Black, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and Cyprus Hills’ Sen-Dog. It also features a track called Jonah Hill, although he is unfortunately not making an appearance.

According to a statement by the duo, the album has had a number of lives. It was originally going to be called Rats Rule as the tracks were “dark and ratty” but it was later changed to We Have Candy because they started making music that was “kinda mental and lunatic and random and juicy”. Finally they arrived at Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid because another layer to the album was revealed which made it “epic and sometimes vulnerable and sometimes sweet and romantic and so brave and full of mystery and win”.

At times Die Antwoord say they felt as if the mission to complete the album was impossible, but finally they emerged from the hell of making a record.

“As we stepped out into the light, a little bruised and battered, but still ok, we blinked and tried to focus then looked at each other and laughed out loud,” Yo-Landi said about completing the record.

“Then ¥o-landi said, ‘Why don’t we call the album Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid‘ And Ninji’s shoulders relaxed and he slumped back into his chair and said, ‘You a fuckin genius! I love you’.”

That may do very little in terms of explaining the record to you but if you’ve been fans of Die Antwoord for a while you’ll already know never to look to closely into their logic.

You can listen to Banana Brain below and also check out the cover art and tracklisting for the album.

Listen: Die Antwoord – Banana Brain

Die Antwoord – Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid Cover Art:


Die Antwoord – Mount Ninji & Da Niice Time Kid Tracklist:

1. We Have Candy

2. Daddy

3. Banana Brain

4. Shit Just Got Real Feat. Sen-Dog

5. Gucci Coochie Feat. Dita Von Teese

6. Wings On My Penis Feat. Lil Tommy Terror

7. U Like Boobies? Feat. Lil Tommy Terror

8. Rats Rule Feat. Jack Black

9. Jonah Hill

10. Stoopid Rich

11. Fat Faded Fuck Face

12. Peanutbutter+Jelly

13. Alien

14. Street Light

15. Darkling

16. I Dont Care

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