Die Antwoord To Star As Themselves In ‘District 9’ Director’s New Film

Die Antwoord could almost be mistaken for larger-than-life characters from a distant planet and so it’s only fitting they’ve been cast in a new sci-fi comedy film. The duo of Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Ninja will play themselves in Neill Blomkamp’s (Elysium, District 9) next film, Chappie.

Die Antwoord fans who paid attention to last year’s single Baby’s On Fire would have seen this coming. In the song Yolandi raps, “My bodyguard help me get to the bar / Neill Blomkamp’s makin’ me a movie star“. Whether that was a self-fulfilling prophecy or an early hint of her involvement is unclear.

Blomkamp’s Chappie reportedly has a modest Hollywood budget of US$50 million. The film will be shot in Johannesburg, South Africa – both Die Antwoord and Blomkamp are South African – from September to December later this year and is set for release in 2014. Supposedly Die Antwoord will also release a new album in 2014 titled Donker Mag, though how the progress of that new material is going to be affected by their shooting schedule is yet to be determined.

On Chappie the only information Blomkamp has offered up is, “It’s a science-fiction comedy thing. That’s as far as I can go with that.” Illuminating. Blomkamp’s latest film Elysium, starring Matt Damon, is due in cinemas this August.

Watch: Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire

(Via Stoney Roads)

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