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DJ Busted Watched The Euro Football Tournament Mid-Set

Sven Vath played a set at a music festival in the Netherlands called Awakenings over the weekend. The only problem was that his set clashed with Germany’s quarter finals game against Slovakia for the Euro 2016 Football Tournament.

The German DJ had a solution though; and unbeknownst to a sea of fans he sneakily set up his phone in between his decks so that he could watch the game without interrupting his performance.

Whilst going through photos of the event by a photographer by the name of Mr After Party, fans noticed the phone with the football on it – and Vath became a meme for his efforts.

We’re not even mad, we’re just impressed.

Fans were also generally pretty supportive, taking the view that the if the veteran DJ can multi-task then why the hell not.

For the record, Germany won the game 3-0 and will take on Italy in the semi on Sunday morning at 5am (AET).

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