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Dom Dolla and MK | Photo supplied

Dom Dolla and MK Are Releasing Viral Hit ‘Rhyme Dust’ This Week

Dom Dolla and American DJ Marc Kinchen (aka MK) will release their viral hit ‘Rhyme Dust’ this Friday, 24th February. The producers began road-testing the track – which prominently samples Q-Tip‘s 1999 solo single ‘Breathe and Stop’ – back in July 2022. In November, it featured during Dom’s 90-minute Selected Sessions set, filmed on the roof of a high rise apartment in Belgrade, Serbia.

Since then, demand for the track to be released has soared. A video posted by Dom with a snippet of the track has been viewed more than 3.2 million times, and more than 7000 videos have been made using the sound on TikTok.

Listen to a Snippet of ‘Rhyme Dust’ Below

Last week, in a video shared on TikTok, Dom explained how fan demand on social media had pushed up the release schedule for ‘Rhyme Dust’. “TikTok is a very interesting place and it is changing the landscape for IDs and DJ culture,” the Australian DJ and producer said. “We used to post stuff online to see if people liked it and if people like it you wrap it up, you finished it and you released it.”

The producer explained that ‘Rhyme Dust’ was a demo he and MK had planned to release in mid-2023, but after posting it to TikTok “to see what the vibe was”, fans “ran away with it and posted it again and again and again.”

“All of a sudden the amount of hype and demand for the record to be released immediately was intense,” he said. “It was Christmas time, the record label was closed, everyone had gone home to see their families, me and MK are touring, respectively on different sides of the planet.

“Not only that, we had a bunch of releases planned for 2023. MK and I have our own individual songs. We’ve got collaborations with people, remixes, all that sort of stuff… We basically had to go back and re-negotiate our release schedules.”


Rhyme dust… story time ?

♬ original sound – Dom Dolla

‘Rhyme Dust’ will mark Dom’s first release for the year. In 2022, he released the Clementine Douglas-assisted ‘Miracle Maker’, which landed at 37 on triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2022. In November, he shared an official remix of GorillazTame Impala and Bootie Brown collab ‘New Gold’.

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