Looks Like Tool & A Perfect Circle Might Not Actually Drop New Albums This Year

Make sure you’ve got some tissues handy, because it looks like Tool and A Perfect Circle might not actually be releasing new albums this year.

The latest info comes from A Perfect Circle’s official Twitter account, which has dropped the possible bombshells about both bands while replying to some fan messages.

It all began when one fan tweeted the band, saying, “Hearing rumours of a potential new A Perfect Circle album later this year #PleaseBeTrue.”

The band then replied, ruthlessly shooting down the fan’s hopes…

Then, another Twitter user jumped into the conversation, and brought the long-awaited new Tool album into the equation.

“Oh what a pity, then remains to hope the new Tool album brings,” the fan wrote, before also being shot down like Tool fans have been shot down for years:

The hype behind Tool’s next album came to a head earlier this year when it was reported that the band were in talks with a number of music streaming services ahead of the release of their next project. The group later teased a mysterious date, which turned out not to be for a new album, and basically we’re not surprised with anything they do anymore.

As for A Perfect Circle — they announced earlier this year that they’d signed a new record deal and had new music coming in 2017. Since then, they’ve debuted new songs ‘Feathers’ and ‘Hour Glass’ live, but there hasn’t been any word on when their next full-length effort will hit our ears.

A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel had said in multiple interviews that the band hoped to release a new record in 2017, but those plans may have changed. Or the band’s Twitter account could just be messing with everyone.

So, with the way things are going, here’s how we’ll be reacting to anything that comes out of the mouths of Tool or APC from now on:

ron burgundy i dont believe you gif

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