Dorothea Hurley – The Yoko Ono Of Bon Jovi And Reason For Sambora Departure?

Richie Sambora didn’t quit the Bon Jovi world tour – he was ‘pushed’ by Jon Bon Jovi‘s wife Dorothea Hurley, says the New York Post‘s Page Six, suggesting that the lead singer’s wife of 24 years is the Yoko Ono of cock rock.

Sambora walked out on the Because We Can tour in Calgary, Canada last week citing “personal reasons”, setting off rumours of everything from substance abuse to a ‘Jagger/Richards-esque’ feud between the 53-year-old guitar legend and the eponymous frontman. But the New York Post says Dorothea is the real cause of the split, with the 50-year-old urging her high-school sweetheart to get rid of Sambora due to his hard-partying ways.

The Post quotes an ‘insider’ as saying:

“Jon has been trying to get rid of him. He drinks constantly and has a stream of Hollywood bimbos around all the time. He told me that he didn’t believe in rehab. He really is a hard partier, and so are the women he hangs out with.”

It’s been a rough year for Sambora, with the flop of his clothing line White Trash Beautiful and mediocre sales of his solo album Aftermath of the Lowdown. He’s been replaced on the tour by Theofilos ‘Phil X’ Xenidis, who performed similar duties when Sambora checked in to rehab and quit a BJ tour in 2011.

No news yet as to whether Dorothea and Jon will be staging a bed-in for peace or recording experimental music about the number 9, but Bon Jovi are confirmed to bring the tour to Australia in December, with or without Sambora.

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