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Douchebag Martin Shkreli Can’t Decide Whether To Destroy Or Distribute One Of A Kind Wu-Tang Clan Album

While we eagerly await more news on the Wu-Tang Clan‘s upcoming 2016 Australian tour, douchebag former Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli has popped back up with some news on his plans for the one of a kind Wu Tang album he bought last year.

Speaking to Vice recently, Shkreli is apparently tossing up between two options. Option 1 is he sets it up in some remote nerd fantasy shrine, fans having to complete a spiritual quest to listen to it. Option 2 is he destroys it.

Why you would choose two such options is another question though, and is seemingly all rooted in Shkreli’s pathetic need for attention and desire to be seen as “the world’s heel.”

For those of you not up to date on your pro-wrestling lingo however, ‘heel’ essentially means villain, and refers to the wrestlers who are scripted to act like immoral arseholes for the crowd to cheer against. This is what Shkreli has been doing all along then, trolling the world to hate him out of a depressing need for attention.

Currently under investigation and soon to face trial over fraud charges relating to Ponzi Scheme style practices with his hedge funds, the full interview at Vice reads like a drowning man desperately trying to convince you he’s fine.

And while we may never get to listen to the album, titled Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, we can at least hope this stain on humanity has to listen to it from behind bars.

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