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Duran Duran Cover Billie Eilish, The Rolling Stones, Talking Heads on New Album ‘Danse Macabre’

Duran Duran have released a brand new album today (Friday, 27th October) called Danse Macabre, a Halloween-themed record with a mixture of new and original tracks alongside some spooky covers. The lead single from the record was a cover of Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’, which also features  Måneskin’s Victoria De Angelis on the bass.

Elsewhere, Duran Duran take on The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black’, Siouxsie and the Banshees’ ‘Spellbound’, and The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’. They’ve also had a shot at Billie Eilish’s 2019 single ‘bury a friend’. Listen to the ‘Psycho Killer’ cover and scope out the tracklist below.

Duran Duran: Psycho Killer (feat. Victoria De Angelis)

“The idea was born out of a show we played in Las Vegas on October 31st, 2022,” says Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes. “We had decided to seize the moment to create a unique, special event…the temptation of using glorious gothic visuals set to a dark soundtrack of horror and humour was simply irresistible.

“The record metamorphosed through a pure, organic process, and not only was it made faster than anything since our debut album, it has also resulted in something none of us could have ever predicted,” Rhodes continued. “Emotion, mood, style and attitude have always been at the heart of Duran Duran’s DNA, we search for light in the darkness and darkness in the light, and I feel we have somehow managed to capture the essence of all of that in this project.”

Duran Duran haven’t got great form with covers albums, with their 1995 collection Thank You often being rated as one of the worst albums of all time.

Danse Macabre Tracklist

  1. Nightboat 
  2. Black Moonlight
  3. Love Voudou  
  4. Bury A Friend
  5. Supernature
  6. Danse Macabre
  7. Secret Oktober 31st
  8. Ghost Town
  9. Paint It Black
  10. Super Lonely Freak
  11. Spellbound 
  12. Psycho Killer (feat. Victoria De Angelis)
  13. Confession in the Afterlife

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