EAD Scalpers: Here’s How To Buy Ed Sheeran Tickets From Other Fans At Face Value

Good news, Sheerios! Those of you who missed out on tickets to your m8 Ed Sheeran’s forthcoming Aussie tour can now stick it to those asshole scalpers who are doing what they do best and charging insanely jacked-up resale prices online.

ICYMI: those jerks have been flogging tix to the gingernut prince’s sold-out Aussie shows for up to an absolutely cooked $1K.

But now, promoters Frontier Touring have teamed up with resale company Twickets to raise a collective middle-finger squarely in the direction of those opportunistic shitbags, by allowing fans to buy resale Admit 1’s at the normal ticketed price.

Those wanting to buy or sell tickets to Sheeran’s shows at face value can now head to this handy website to git ‘er done.

Music Feeds has contacted Frontier for more info. But in the meantime, EAD scalpers.

Chalk this one up as a win for the good guys.

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