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Eagles Of Death Metal Announce New Documentary About The Paris Attacks

Still recovering from the horrific terrorist attack which took place during their show in France last November, Eagles Of Death Metal have announced that they’re working on a documentary about the event.

As Deadline reports, the doco, called Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends), will debut on HBO this coming February.

The band have already discussed what went down during the attack in some depth, but the new film is expected to focus on the events leading up to (and following) the massacre at Paris’ Bataclan Theatre. The doco will also put emphasis on the relationship between band members Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, and their relationship with the fans.

The film will be directed by Colin Hanks, the spawn of Tom Hanks, and will also feature footage from the band’s triumphant return to Paris, where they performed with U2.

Around that time, the band were also dropped from two seperate European festival lineups following comments about potential a inside job during the attack. We’re sure that situation will be expanded on also.

Later this month the Bataclan Theatre will have its first live music event since the attack, with the great Peter Doherty set to perform.

Watch: Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Terror Attacks

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