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EDIE Releases New Single And Music Video For ‘Villain’

The rising star in indie pop EDIE has dropped her latest single “Villain,” with a music video. The song is a modern-day indie pop romance thriller, with sharp pop-rock energy that seamlessly combines punk tones with contemporary flair.

The song is co-written with Siobhan Cotchin and Dylan Ollivierre, the song offers a playfully sinister take on post-heartbreak frustration.

EDIE – ‘Villain’

EDIE explains, “‘Villain’ explores post-heartbreak frustration and the selfish desire for your ex to feel the same pain as you do. This song highlights how sometimes you have to make someone the villain to be able to move on.”

The accompanying music video, directed and produced by Stephanie Senior, delves deeper into this theme, portraying EDIE as a vampire luring her antagonist with magnetic appeal. EDIE plots her revenge and strikes as the story unfolds, leaving a trail of blood and dancing joyfully over the aftermath.

Despite its grim visuals and disturbing lyrics, “Villain”, may seem dark, but it has a lively and fun chorus that contrasts with its eerie and unsettling parts.

With the release of “Villain” and its accompanying music video, EDIE is sure to leave a lasting impression. Fans can listen to this song here.

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