Editors’ Guitarist Quits

British indie-rock band, Editors, have announced in a post on their website that guitarist Chris Urbanowicz will be leaving the band. The band are currently working on their fourth release since their formation in 2002. The lengthy post reveals that the band are upset about the decision, however respect it completely.

“In a decision entirely based upon future musical direction, and with huge sadness, Editors and Chris Urbanowicz have parted ways. In ten years we’ve gone from playing tiny clubs in Birmingham to having number one records in several countries, selling out massive shows across the globe and headlining festivals as four friends together, so this was a massively painful decision for all of us to make.”

The remainder of the band have confirmed that they will continue to play together and will find a replacement guitarist in time, and will honour all forthcoming concerts, stating, “We wish Chris the best of luck in his future endeavours, and expect you all to do the same. The parting is amicable and, however sad things are right now, we all hope we’ll continue to be friends for many years to come. From Editors’ side, Tom , Russ and Ed are continuing to work on album four with Flood and play festival shows at Rock Werchter and Arras in June. They are super excited about working with the core of the band as a three-piece and trying to introduce new elements to Editors’ sound.”

The Editors were renowned for their guitar sounds and fans have begun to question if they will sound the same without the input of Urbanowicz; only time will tell. No word has been given on whether Urbanowicz will be working on a solo project or joining another band; it seems that he is just taking some time off from the band.

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