Even North Korea Is Checking Out ‘Gangam Style’

They might be cut off from most of the Western world, but North Korea is the latest country to embrace the Asian Macarena Circa 2012.

Yep, Psy‘s Gangam Style gospel has grown so much that even his motherland’s bitter enemies have taken notice of the track, but maybe not as much in the style South Koreans would have preferred.

The Globe and Mail reports that North Korea used the video to score a propaganda point, making fun of South Korean presidential candidate, Park Geun-hye.

MTV reckons that the North Korean clip – published on a government website (www.uriminzokkiri.com) – takes images from the original, opening with a man mid-dance.

Park Geun-hye’s face has been pasted onto the figure, and the clip goes on to poke fun at Park’s father, Park Jung-hee, a former South Korean leader. Check out the video here.

What is more significant though is the fact that the video is popping up on King Jong-Un and his comrades’ radars. Globe and Mail believe while ordinary North Koreans are unlikely to have seen the video as access to the Internet in the country is severely limited, Gangnam Style is a big enough hit that “even reclusive apparatchiks know of it”.

Psy’s Gangam Style video has just become the first clip to smash through a quarter of a billion (250 million) views on YouTube. Locally, he’s just one spot away from conquering our charts: Gangam Style is No.2 this week, just behind Guy Sebastian’s Battle Scars, which is No.1 for the sixth week in a row.

If you haven’t seen the clip yet, or you need your daily dose of it – here it is below.

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