Exclusive Live Stream: Firesaint Performance At Music Feeds Studio

Psychedelic rock troupe Firesaint have been announced as the next entry in the diaries of Music Feeds Studio. This Thursday, 2nd May the band will be setting up for a 3-song jam that will be live streamed straight to your laptop, and if you will, tablet device.

The good times will kick off 2:10pm AEST and will be rolling until 2:20pm AEST so best be on the ball to get amongst the action. As the band are relative newcomers to the Psychedelic rock wave, Firesaint fans will no doubt be stoked to see a side of the band that is yet to be explored and their vibrant soundscape is sure to attract a whole bunch of new ears.

The band will be performing at Upstairs Beresford Wednesday, 1st May for an urban collective, which will feature the likes of She Rex and Teenage Hand Models. If you miss the gig be sure to catch the stream to claim rights to the band before the unwashed masses catch on.

1:40pm AEST – Soundcheck

2:10pm AEST – Performance


The live stream has concluded. Check out the behind the scenes gallery below.

PHOTOS: Firesaint Live Stream Behind The Scenes

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