EXCLUSIVE: Stream The Ghost Inside’s New Album ‘Dear Youth’

LA melodic hardcore outfit The Ghost Inside‘s fourth studio album Dear Youth isn’t due out till next week, but guess what? We’ve got the Australia exclusive pre-release album stream for all you fans hungry for the follow-up to 2012’s Get What You Give.

Dear Youth plays as a flurry of frustration and realisation, which stems from a time when frontman Jonathan Vigil felt he was losing touch with the wonderment and excitement of his youth. As he tells Music Feeds, he was feeling unaccomplished in his personal life away from the band.

“I was getting older but my life hadn’t really progressed at all, other than the band,” says Vigil. “It was hard for me to take a step back from that, and know that I’m gonna be worthwhile after this band, because I felt like I was being used up and this was all I was ever going to be good for.”

The frontman says he wrote an letter to his former self to reconnect with “optimism and excitement” and “youthful exuberance”. In that sense Dear Youth exists as a kind of catharsis for the singer. “I think it helped a lot, getting everything on paper and writing these songs. Just fully immersing myself in the whole concept of your youth and trying to find that flame, rekindle that spirit of how it used to be.”

The Ghost Inside’s new album Dear Youth was co-produced by Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade, and features lead tracks Avalanche and Dear Youth (Day 52). Dear Youth is due out via Epitaph Records next Friday, 14th November.

Stay tuned for our full interview with The Ghost Inside next week. Stream Dear Youth in its entirety below.

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