Falling In Reverse Frontman Deletes Tweets Following Rumours He Walked Out On The Band

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has deleted every single tweet from this Twitter account. The strange occurrence comes following rumours that Radke walked out on his band and will keep all profits from upcoming Falling In Reverse album Fashionably Late.

It’s unclear why Radke, or someone on his behalf, would take the time to erase each individual tweet rather than simply close the entire account. Perhaps Radke is planning a single tweet publicity stunt like our lord and saviour Yezzus. Of course it’s far more likely Radke is leaving the account active as to not lose his 628,608 followers.

Earlier today news surfaced that poor ticket sales and a lack of interest in the band’s new album caused Radke to leave Falling In Reverse. It was also reported that all profits from Fashionably Late would go solely to Radke, as would profits from touring and merch sales.

Pup Fresh attributed the rumours to an unnamed source and although the allegations remain unconfirmed, Radke’s clear out of his Twitter account definitely adds intrigue to the story. The drama comes soon after Falling In Reverse released their latest single Alone, which has to be heard to be believed.

In the song Radke’s attempts to rap, “I find it kind of funny the shit you say in your tweets / But when we’re face-to-face you ain’t got nothing to say to me.” Well looks like Radke isn’t eager to receive any tweets at the moment. (By the way that lyric doesn’t rhyme)

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