Fans Hit Out At Ed Sheeran’s Melbourne Venue After Attendees Reportedly Faint Due To The Heat

Ed Sheeran fans have criticised his Melbourne venue Etihad Stadium as multiple concertgoers reportedly collapsed with temperatures soaring inside the venue.

As Yahoo7 report, a number of audience members fainted as the venue made the decision not to open the roof for the 65,000 attendees.

Ambulance Victoria have confirmed that a number of people were treated at the venue for dehydration.

One fan on Twitter described the venue as “the world’s largest roasting dish,” as Melbourne experienced a very balmy Saturday with highs of 35 degrees.

Many also took to the venues Facebook page to vent their frustration after witnessing people faint in front of them.

“It was insanely hot with the stadium at full capacity and no air flow or air conditioning,” one attendee wrote on Facebook.

“People were fainting only 30mins into the first supporting act. Everyone was uncomfortable and put a real dint in the whole experience.”

Another said that they had to signal to support act Bliss N Eso that a girl had passed out so they could halt the show and get help.

According to one fan, both support act Missy Higgins and Sheeran also noted how hot it was in the venue while they were on stage performing.

Etihad issued a statement to Yahoo7 stating that the roof was kept closed at the request of the touring manager.

“The temperatures inside the stadium was not at a level that put Ed’s fans at risk,” they said.

“Free water stations were available throughout the venue for fans to continually hydrate throughout the concert and they were encouraged to do so.”

Sheeran is due to play his third show in Melbourne tonight. Thankfully for fans, it’s been a slightly cooler day in Melbourne today.

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