Feist Performs Three Shows Simultaneously Thanks To Hologram Technology

It may be that a sense of legitimacy has been lent to the holographic medium following the successful implementation of the technology in three simultaneous performances by Canadian artist Feist. The shows took place in three different cities in Canada – Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, as part of an event put together by Samsung.

Feist is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing and from a distance – if you squint a little, chances are you probably won’t notice the difference. However, those who have previously seen the delightful songstress live will understand there’s no substitute for the real thing.

Since the technology was used to bring Tupac to life at last year’s Coachella, the hologram concept seems to have lost a lot of steam, though rumours did run wild (a la Elvis, Left Eye Lopes and Amy Winehouse).

The shows took place in conjunction with Samsung and projection extraordinaire firm Musion, who have begun putting on such displays as they unleash Samsung Galaxy S4 launch parties all over the place. This is the point where most people’s attention will start to fade, so here’s the video proof for you.

Watch: Feist – A Commotion (Holograms Across Canada version)


Watch: Feist hologram behind-the-scenes


(Via Under The Gun)

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