Festival Locks DJ In Cage After Allegedly Mistaking Him For Gatecrasher

Nobody puts DJ in a corner. Well, unless you’re England’s Leeds Festival, in which case, you’ll mistake a rising DJ and producer for a gatecrasher and lock him in a cage.

The DJ in question, Evian Christ (real name Josh Leary), is a UK beatmer who despite having some of his production featured on Kanye West’s latest album, Yeezus, was reportedly accused of breaking into Leeds Festival by security shortly after he finished his set.

Leary was sat in a cage by security personnel, and tweeted as the incident unfolded. Alongside video (below) from inside the cage, Leary posted, “Reading Fest cancelled (sorry) cuz leeds put me in a cage #freeevian.”

“Really tho actually got put in a cage at a festival headlined by Mumford And Sons because the festival staff didn’t believe I was a DJ and thought I was ‘trying to break into the festival’ after my set,” Leary later tweeted, after being held in the holding pen for an unspecified amount of time.

While some people might enjoy the idea of imprisoning DJs, it’s probably not the best way of going about handling performers at a major music festival.

Leeds Festival organisers are yet to publicly comment on Leary’s incarceration, which can be relived in full, below. Reading and Leeds Festivals continue across the weekend.

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