Fire Engine Sessions Episode 2 – Sticky Fingers

Fire Engine Sessions is back with a brand new episode featuring four-sometimes-five piece Sydney act Sticky Fingers. As some of you might recall back in May, DZ Deathrays featured on the premiere episode, which saw the rocking duo stand atop a firetruck and bang out their tune Dollar Chills underneath Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Of course the idea was for the firetruck to be mobile, but poor weather forced a stationary guerilla gig. However, the weather gods were smiling for the second episode that saw Sticky Fingers head down the heart of Newtown along the super highway known as King Street. Playing their infectious tune Headlock, it would have been a good day to have an emergency joint in your back pocket so you could blaze up, do a little jig and tuck into the sausage sizzle on offer.

Fire Engine Sessions has taken its inspiration from London’s Black Cab Sessions and Cambodia’s Tuk Tuk Sessions respectively. The idea is to bring live music to fans when they least expect it and give them a memory to last a lifetime.

Watch: Fire Engine Sessions Episode 2 – Sticky Finger – Headlock

Watch: Fire Engine Sessions Episode 1 – DZ Deathrays – Dollar Chill

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