Fired Pixies Bassist Says Manager Tried To Intimidate Her

Recent Pixies deportee Kim Shattuck has claimed that the manager of the legendary alternative rock outfit made attempts to intimidate the Muffs frontlady during her time as bass player of the group. Shattuck took over bass duties after band icon Kim Deal left the group earlier this year.

Speaking to comedian Jonah Ray on his Jonah Raydio podcast, Shattuck explained that the Pixies’ manager would attempt to make her nervous before gigs, saying:

“The manager kept trying to make me really nervous. He’s kind of weird. He did it to me and he did it to Joey [Santiago] before the iTunes Roundhouse gig.

“He goes into my face and goes, ‘Kim, I just wanted you to know that there are gonna be billions of people watching you live and you need to be perfect.’

“I laughed, I’m like, ‘Well good thing for me that I never get nervous.’ I heard him do it to Joey, too.”

“They didn’t tell me why or anything, although I had some inkling why,” Shattuck said of her firing. “I don’t know whether I’m ready to say or not. But it wasn’t to do with me as much as you’d think.” About frontman Black Francis, she said, “I’m so not mad at him… He’s not the problem.”

Earlier this month, Francis downplayed the gravity of Shattuck’s firing, saying:

“The big question mark is, if it was going so well, why are you changing it up again? I guess it’s a fair question, but what I would say is, just because some shows went well or a recording session went well with somebody, that doesn’t mean that now you guys are married and this is forever.

“It’s not really how it works when you’re a band. And it’s hard to explain to people, especially if they get emotionally attached to one person.”

Former Zwan and A Perfect Circle bassist Paz Lenchatin was announced as Shattuck’s replacement earlier this month. “We are really looking forward to playing with her…” said the band, “Working with different bass players is very new for the band, but we’re having a great time doing it.”

(Via NME)

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