Foo Fighters Cancel Shows After Dave Grohl Breaks Leg Mid-Gig

Dave Grohl continued his quest towards becoming the greatest rockstar the universe has ever known yesterday, breaking his god damn leg mid-Foo Fighters gig before returning all bandaged up to finish the set, albeit in a more stationary, seated manner.

Whilst fans at the Sweden show were lucky to get to see out the full gig, Dutch and Swiss fans have today received the shit news that their shows, set to take place tonight and Tuesday respectively, have been cancelled as Dave mends his super fractured leg (see the pic of his x-ray below).

The next scheduled Foo show is set to take place at Wembley stadium on June 19th, which is then followed by a shit tonne of gigs around the world over the next six months, so fingers crossed Grohl gets to a playable condition soon. Although, this is David motherfuckin’ Grohl we’re talking about, so he should be juuuuuuust fine.

Check out new footage of Grohl, post-leg break, busting out a flawless All My Life below and oh hey Dave, quick heads up for the Wembley show, look out for the pyrotechnics lest you end up as red-faced as this Aussie band member.

Watch: Foo Fighters – All My Life (Live in Sweden with a broken leg)

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