Foo Fighters Fan Gets Invited Up Onstage To Play ‘Monkey Wrench’, Shreds Solo So Sick That Dave Grohl Forgets The Words

Dave Grohl got more than he bargained for during a recent Foo Fighters gig in Austin, Texas when he went to carry out the band’s time-honoured tradition of plucking one random fan out of the crowd to perform ‘Monkey Wrench’ with them.

ICYMI: the nicest guy in rock did the same thing at the Fooie’s Brisbane show back in January, bringing a 22-year-old superfan named Joey (who TBH looked like a mini-Grohl himself) up to jam the 1997 The Colour And The Shape classic in front of the 40,000-strong crowd.

But this time, the guy he chose really threw a spanner in the Monkey Wrench.

Grohl invited Yayo Sanchez up onstage after spotting him in the crowd, decked out in Gene Simmons’ facepaint and waving a sign that said ‘Monkey Wrench’, and immediately christened him ‘KISS Guy’.

And KISS guy, well, he came prepared. Not only did he bring his own pick, he immediately began fearlessly thrashing out the tune with the Foos, complete with full rock n’ roll choreography; running around the stage like a hell man, headbanging hard with the rhythm section and even busting out a few metal windmills for good measure.

And that’s not all, at Dave’s behest, he even shredded an insane blues guitar solo over the lead break that was so majestic it would have made Slash blush under his black top hat.

Grohl was so gobsmacked that he actually forgot the lyrics to verse 2 and kacked himself laughing!

Well played, KISS guy. Well played.

Watch footage of the whole epic moment below.

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