Foo Fighters Release Homo Erotic Teaser Video Hot Buns

In classic Foo Fighters style, Dave Grohl and his cronies have just released a teaser video for their North American tour that may go down as the most adolescent, and awesome, moment of their career so far, which for this band is saying something.

The video, titled Hot Buns, popped up first as nothing more than a link to a page on the bands website that showed you a photo of cowboy boot sheathed male legs standing in a shower. I don’t think it took anyone too long to think what the guys were going to do next.

The video begins with the band, faces hidden and dressed as hillbilly truckers, eating some foul looking truckstop food, sitting, unsurprisingly in a truckstop. What is surprising though is that when the men’s number is called, they all rush off for a hot steamy, ultra-homo-erotic shower.

The band, naked as the day they were born, although their manhood is always obscured by the shot, the band proceed to rub each other down and indulge in a number of an equally drool worthy nature such as ass slapping, nude line dancing and even a naked four-way… high five.

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